supporting economic growth through a regional approach to workforce opportunity

The Problem

Once a thriving cultural and economic center, Long Island faces the harsh reality of an aging population, overburdened and antiquated infrastructure and significant threats to its natural environment. 

Also, Long Island has experienced an inability to retain or attract small and large businesses, further eroding the tax base and cultural investments. 


It is here where we see the need for Recruit Long Island and it’s mission. 


Recruit Long Island seeks to increase opportunities for Long Islanders by providing much-needed connections between the public and private sectors as well as the job seekers who look to interact with them.

Bridging this disconnect is part of a multi-tiered strategy that RLI is implementing in order to find structural solutions to some of the region’s most complex problems. RLI believes that every student on Long Island should be given every opportunity to reach their fullest potential, and our work is a manifestation of that goal. 

Recruit Long Island will accomplish this with its signature "Four Pillars"

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Work Exposure for High School Students.png
Career Exploration for Parents:Students.png
Industry Work Experience for Teachers.png

Projects Include:

  • Work Exposure opportunities for students (corporate tours, info sessions, informal chats with key executives, etc.)
  • Opportunities Events - hosted by one school district, or a collaborative effort among many, we create an informative evening for parents, teachers and students.  Infused with panel discussions from business, career mapping based on interests/ education level, and breakout sessions, these events create awareness of industry
  • The Entry-Level "un-job fair" - infusing technology, personal experiences, and industry, we help students who attend "off-Island colleges" connect with Long Island businesses.  We also help current Long Islanders seeking a career change discover new opportunities.


Jeff Guillot

Jeff Guillot

Felicia Fleitman

Felicia Fleitman